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🏡🧪 Why Build Science?

By smartrooftexas | September 25, 2023

The latest offering from the Build Show Network is a free 10 unit course on building science. As I go through the course, I’ll include highlights in the Smart Homeowner Daily Email. Why it matters: If you’re ready for some truth, here it is: Building quality standards and expectations are pitifully low. I see it […]

🏘️ Zoning 101

By smartrooftexas | September 22, 2023

I attended a neighborhood meeting last night where my Councilmember covered zoning basics. Why it matters: Zoning and zoning changes have an immediate impact on where we live. ⚙️ How it works: Zoning has 2 primary components. 👉 Allowed uses Zoning determines if land can be used for residential, multi-family, mixed use, commercial or industrial purposes. 👉 Physical […]

🎙️ How is Elvis, and have you seen him lately?

By smartrooftexas | September 21, 2023

In case you missed it, the subject line is a quote from the original Ghostbusters. 😉 I’m wrapping up my “Ghost behind the dishwasher” series with some general concepts and a final show-and-tell. Click here for Part 1, here for part 2. Why it matters: Anytime you have work done on your house and an […]

👻🚫 Ghostbusters

By smartrooftexas | September 21, 2023

After getting down to the studs behind my dishwasher, I got to work air sealing. Why it matters: Air, moisture, heat and pests all need a pathway to get in the house. ⚙️ How it works: Blocking the air pathway can be accomplished with several methods. 👉 Start with rigid material for larger gaps Plywood, OSB, Zip […]

👻 The ghost behind the dishwasher

By smartrooftexas | September 18, 2023

When my dishwasher mounting brackets broke, I decided to use the opportunity to address a bigger issue. Why it matters: Hidden areas behind appliances and cabinets can be a major a source of air leakage in a house. 🖼️ The big picture: I’ll show you how I dealt with this over the next few days, but […]

🧥 Before you add insulation

By smartrooftexas | September 16, 2023

If you’re still in shock from your summer electricity bills, you might be thinking … We really need more insulation. ✋ Stop. Insulation is step 2. 🔦 Pro Spotlight Cody Bridwell of Blown Away Insulation starts with step 1. 📣 Air sealing is step 1. Insulating without air sealing is like going outside when it’s 20 degrees and […]

🍂 A good time for concrete

By smartrooftexas | September 15, 2023

You made it through the brutal summer, even if your concrete didn’t. Why it matters: If you’re ready to repair your concrete or even add on to a patio, now is great time to do it. ⚙️ How it works: Concrete is stronger when you give it the right amount of time to cure. Fall is […]

😮 Is your roof uninsurable?

By smartrooftexas | September 15, 2023

Fellow homeowners, please read and digest this email to make sure your home is protected. Why it matters: The insurance landscape is changing, and you need to know what to expect. 🖼️ The big picture: Insurance carriers are looking for ways to cut cost. For the average homeowner, these are often subtle, if not hidden. ⚙️ How […]

🎯 The center of attention

By smartrooftexas | September 13, 2023

I appreciate all the attention you’re giving my home! That was a rewarding text to get last night from a client whose home is halfway through a project right now. Why it matters: When you hire someone to work on your home, baked into the price is a certain level of attentiveness and attention to […]

💡 Let there be lights! Part 4

By smartrooftexas | September 12, 2023

You don’t have to dive into the smart lighting world to improve your outdoor lighting. Why it matters: Sometimes “good” is “good enough.” 😉 The most important step is to clarify your priorities as you address the big 3 purposes for outdoor lighting: security, safety and beauty. 👉 For security Replace standard flood light bulbs with […]

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