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Reflections on 9/11

By smartrooftexas | September 11, 2023

I’ll wrap up my outdoor lighting series tomorrow, but this morning I have a few thoughts related to 9/11 that I wanted to process. The other day I was listening to a podcast where the hosts were discussing the impact of major world events. One suggested that 9/11, coupled with the growth of the Internet, […]

💡 Let there be lights! Part 3

By smartrooftexas | September 10, 2023

For affordable and versatile outdoor lighting set ups, we’ll divide those into two categories a) smart and b) automated/remote controllable. Today we’ll look at smart options. Why it matters: For maximum flexibility and integration going forward, you’ll want to stick with smart options. 🖼️ The big picture: “Smart” lights, plugs, etc. are connected to the Internet. […]

💡 Let there be lights! Part 2

By smartrooftexas | September 9, 2023

Today’s focus is on the Philips Hue premium lighting system. Why it matters: If you’re willing to make the investment, Philips offers the largest eco system of lighting products with superb light quality and multiple options for easy automation. You can start small and grow your system over time. 🖼️ The big picture: Adding smart outdoor […]

💡 Let there be lights! Part 1

By smartrooftexas | September 7, 2023

Today I’m starting a short series on outdoor lighting. The outdoor decorating season has begun … whether you find that exciting or annoying. 😁 Why it matters: Outdoor lighting is about more than decoration and beauty. Outdoor lights increase your home’s safety and security. 🖼️ The big picture: With so many low voltage and low wattage […]

🍎⌚ Apple Watch fall detection

By smartrooftexas | September 6, 2023

A crazy little moment on our walk the other day led to an Apple Watch fall detection alert on Danielle’s watch. She’s ok after being clotheslined by our dog who was lunging at a German Shepherd who was apparently looking at him wrong. 🤦‍♂️ Why it matters: Falls are a big deal, especially as we […]

😌 Labor Day success story

By smartrooftexas | September 5, 2023

Thanks to my friends at, I got to focus on the things I wanted to do on Labor Day. Instead of battling my pool to get it ready for our family gathering, I worked on the yard and smoked some ribs! 😋 ⚙️ How it works: HOMR’s 24/7 concierge team manages the vendor relationships I’ve […]

🪚 All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity

By smartrooftexas | September 4, 2023

Setting aside a day to honor those “who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold.” — Peter J. McGuire, General Secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners History hasn’t solved whether carpenter Peter McGuire or machinist Matthew Maguire is the rightful author of Labor Day as a holiday, but […]

👊 Water heater wars

By smartrooftexas | September 3, 2023

When I wrote about water heaters yesterday, I wasn’t aware of the proposal by the Department of Energy for new Energy Efficiency Standards. Why it matters: The new rules are eliminating an important category of tankless hot water heaters, the more affordable non-condensing version. But it’s not too late to make your voice heard. 👇 Skip […]

🔥🚿 Are you in hot water?

By smartrooftexas | September 2, 2023

Hot water is one of those luxuries that you never fully appreciate until you travel to places without it! Yes, even in the summer. 😉 🥊 The bottom line: Federal tax credits and utility rebates make the best options even more affordable. 🔬 Zoom in: Two great options are tankless natural gas and electric heat […]

🏭 ERCOT, Oncor & you: Part 5

By smartrooftexas | September 1, 2023

Let’s conclude this series with the most important question for backup power. What do you want? Why it matters: The best backup solution for you depends on … you. 🖼️ The big picture: You can have backup for everything from one or two essential loads (refrigerator, internet, medical device) to your whole home. That can last […]

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