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Is your vent hood venting?

By smartrooftexas | December 11, 2022

Check to make sure you’re venting through the roof. We recently re-roofed a house that required us to replace all of the decking. I was checking on the job when I noticed something important. The vent hood in the kitchen was not vented through the roof! Was blowing whatever it was venting – smoke, kitchen […]

My hands are melting!

By smartrooftexas | December 10, 2022

Did you know you can change the temperature setting on your hot water heater? I started doing dishes after the Thanksgiving meal at my parents’ house. Just about melted the skin off my hands! For the traditional tank style, there’s usually a wheel you turn that will be marked low to high or warm to […]

Water water everywhere!

By smartrooftexas | December 9, 2022

Shutting off your water quickly in an emergency could save you thousands of dollars. Depending on a few factors, shutting off your water at the city meter will range in difficulty. Essential Tool: Water meter box key like this one. You might be able to use a wrench like this one to shut the water […]

Welcome Smart Homeowner

By smartrooftexas | December 7, 2022

You love your home. You want to care for it well. I’m here to help. With a daily tip or resource to help you improve, care for, and protect your home. Let’s be real. Homeownership can be overwhelming. I believe the right guide can help you live smarter. With a team of expert collaborators, we’ll […]

Smart Homeowner Launch Coming Soon!

By smartrooftexas | November 18, 2022
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