Is your vent hood venting?

Check to make sure you’re venting through the roof.

We recently re-roofed a house that required us to replace all of
the decking. I was checking on the job when I noticed something

The vent hood in the kitchen was not vented through the roof!

Was blowing whatever it was venting – smoke, kitchen odor, carbon
monoxide – into the attic.

We easily fixed the issue, but why was it like that in the first

This home was built in the 60’s. The previous owner remodeled the

Access to the attic above their kitchen is limited. Whoever
installed the vent hood decided it wasn’t worth it (or possible)
to do it right.

They could have removed sheetrock from the ceiling, vented it
properly and replaced the sheetrock.

A little more costly? Yes.

The right thing to do? Absolutely.

For your list this week

Check to make sure your hood is venting through the roof.

If you can’t do it safely, reach out to your trusted roofer or
handyman to check for you.



P.S. More to talk about here. Look for an upcoming email on roof
vents. You need to know what’s going on.

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