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home performance testing

Uncomfortable in Your Home? PERFORMANCE TESTING CAN HELP

Home performance testing is a process of evaluating and assessing the efficiency, comfort, and overall performance of a residential building or home. The primary goal of home performance testing is to identify areas where your home may be wasting energy, experiencing comfort issues, or suffering from poor indoor air quality. By pinpointing these problems, we can help homeowners can take steps to improve their home's energy efficiency, reduce utility bills, and create a more comfortable and healthy living environment.

Here are some key aspects of home performance testing:

Energy Efficiency Assessment

Home performance testing often involves a comprehensive energy audit to determine how energy is being used in the home. This may include inspecting insulation levels, assessing heating and cooling systems, evaluating the building envelope (walls, windows, doors, etc.), and identifying air leaks.

Indoor Air Quality

Testing may also assess indoor air quality, which can be affected by factors such as ventilation, filtration, humidity levels, and the presence of indoor pollutants like mold, allergens, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Comfort and Thermal Performance

Evaluating how well a home maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year is another important aspect. This includes assessing the effectiveness of heating and cooling systems, distribution of conditioned air, and insulation levels.

Diagnostic Tools

Home performance professionals may use various diagnostic tools and techniques, such as blower door tests to measure air leakage, infrared cameras to identify thermal defects, and air quality monitors to detect pollutants.

Recommendations and Upgrades

After conducting the assessment, a home performance expert will provide recommendations for improvements and upgrades that can enhance energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality. These may include adding insulation, sealing air leaks, upgrading HVAC systems, and improving ventilation.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Homeowners can use the information from the assessment to prioritize improvements based on their cost-effectiveness and potential energy savings. Some improvements may qualify for energy efficiency incentives or rebates.

Health and Safety Considerations

Home performance testing may also include checks for health and safety issues, such as carbon monoxide leaks, radon gas, or electrical hazards.

Live Comfortably START TODAY

Home performance testing is a holistic approach to making homes more energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy. It can help you reduce your energy bills, decrease your environmental footprint, and create a more pleasant and safe living environment. We are certified home performance specialist and can conduct these assessments and guide you in making the necessary improvements.

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