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residential solar dallas tx

Confused about solar? DON'T BE.

We all want to do right by the earth. The problem is as homeowners we still want to make a smart financial decision.

I help unconfuse homeowners by separating fact from fiction and showing you how you can save a lot of money and add real value to your home—IF it’s eligible.

After our Solar Clarity Call you will know:

  1. IF solar is right for your home financially 
  2. IF you'll see a better return by waiting

So you can make a smart decision for you, your home and your future.

3 Steps to Total Solar Clarity:

Schedule A Solar Clarity Call

In 15 minutes, you will know if your home is eligible for solar or when it might be eligible in the future.

Take A Closer Look

If you’re eligible for solar, we’ll look at your usage, a custom solar design, and a Savings Report so you will know your fixed monthly costs down to the penny.

Put A Power Station On Your Roof!

Reduce your reliance on the grid, control your budget, and know your monthly savings that start immediately.


Why hand “rent” money over to your electric provider when you can...
  • OWN your energy for lower monthly payments than your current electric bill
  • CONTROL your usage with real-time feedback on your phone
  • REDUCE your reliance on the grid and your vulnerability during power outages
  • INCREASE your home value with a power station on your roof


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