My hands are melting!

Did you know you can change the temperature setting on your hot
water heater?

I started doing dishes after the Thanksgiving meal at my parents’

Just about melted the skin off my hands!

For the traditional tank style, there’s usually a wheel you turn
that will be marked low to high or warm to hot.

For tankless hot water heaters, you can set the actual
temperature. (Recommended temperature is 120 degrees.)

Most hot water heaters are set too hot.

How do you know where to set it?

You need the water hot enough for the bathroom furthest from the
hot water heater.

And that helps because?


Whether you have electric or gas heat, you will use less
electricity or gas if you heat it to a lower temperature. When
you have to mix cold water to cool the hot, you heat more water
than you need.


Some hot water heaters can reach 140 degrees. That’s hot enough
to burn a child in 2.5 seconds! Children aren’t the only ones at
risk. As we get older, our skin gets thinner and our risk for
burns increases.

For your list this week

Check your hot water heater temperature.

Turn on the hot water at the opposite side of the house.

If *hot water only* feels too hot … you can turn it down.



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