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🏭 ERCOT, Oncor & you: Part 4

By smartrooftexas | August 31, 2023

When you think about it, there are 5 major parts of the Texas Electricity Market. ERCOT managing the stability of the grid. Power generators generating the electricity. Utility companies that transmit and distribute electricity. Retail electric providers who manage the consumers of electricity (residential and commercial). And you! Why it matters: Knowing what power you […]

🏭 ERCOT, Oncor & you: Part 3

By smartrooftexas | August 30, 2023

With ERCOT managing the flow of electricity and your TDU transmitting power over the lines, it’s your REP that takes your money. Unless you’re in a co-op like CoServ, which is both your TDU and REP. Why it matters: Most Texans have a choice when it comes to their REP — Retail Electric Provider. Giving […]

🏭 ERCOT, Oncor & you: Part 2

By smartrooftexas | August 29, 2023

Part 1 outlined ERCOT’s role in maintaining a stable grid. Let’s take a closer look at what the grid actually is. Why it matters: Knowing the different pieces of the Texas Electricity Market can help you understand where to turn for information during an outage. 👉 It starts with power generation —> hundreds of power plants […]

🏭 ERCOT, Oncor & you: Part 1

By smartrooftexas | August 28, 2023

Raise your hand if you’re growing weary of the calls to conserve energy. 🙋‍♂️ Sunday marked the 4th day in a row ERCOT issued a conservation warning. 🖼️ The big picture: This week I’m going to dive in on this topic to give you a clearer understanding of our energy grid. As smart homeowners we can […]

♨️ The heat is on

By smartrooftexas | August 27, 2023

Yesterday I wrote about the ways heat moves into our homes through conduction, convection and radiation. Today we’ll look at some actual numbers for a recent home performance test. Why it matters: Knowing where the heat is getting in helps us develop strategies to keep it out. 🔬 Zoom in: Using an infrared camera, we can […]

♨️ Some like it hot

By smartrooftexas | August 26, 2023

I hope my fellow Gen Xers see my subject line and finish the lyric … “and some sweat when the heat is on.” 😉 My parents might be thinking about the 1959 Marilyn Monroe/Tony Curtis/Jack Lemmon rom-com. 🥵 But all of us can agree … NOT THIS HOT! Why it matters: When you’re trying to stay […]

🔆 Can rooftop solar save the grid?

By smartrooftexas | August 25, 2023

Short answer: No. Why it matters: Residential rooftop solar is an incomplete solution to the grid problem. Without battery storage, solar doesn’t help the grid when it’s needed most. ⚙️ How it works: Two recent conservation warnings from ERCOT asked people to conserve energy if possible. The first was from 7-10pm. The second was from 3-10pm. […]

🤷‍♂️ All out of figs to give

By smartrooftexas | August 24, 2023

“For the simplicity on this side of complexity, I wouldn’t give you a fig. But for the simplicity on the other side of complexity, for that I would give you anything I have.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes Why it matters: It’s a story I hear all too often. Homeowner adds solar. Several months go by. […]

🐝 How your B is covered

By smartrooftexas | August 23, 2023

Coverage B on a homeowner’s insurance policy covers “other structures.” Fence, detached garage, gazebo, guest house, etc. Why it matters: I’m helping a homeowner right now who’s detached garage was hit by a stolen truck. The damage to the garage exceeds the amount of coverage, so insurance cannot pay the full amount for the repairs. […]

🙋‍♀️ Reader question: water filtration

By smartrooftexas | August 22, 2023

Carol, a regular reader of the Smart Homeowner Daily Email, sent in some questions about water testing and whole home water filtration. Do you have any suggestions on who to contact for getting a complete water report for my home? Do you have any recommendations for a whole home water filtration system? 🖼️ The big picture: […]

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