🪚🌳 Hands up! Don’t Cut!

Arborist Tim Waswick has an important message to help you protect your trees.

March-July is NOT a good time to trim oaks of any kind.

Why it matters: Trimming an oak during this time leaves it vulnerable to attacks from beetles (since the tree is sappy) and can run risk of oak wilt.

  • The trees need the green leaves to produce sugar, which helps the tree grow and recover from stressful events (such as freeze and drought).

🥊 The bottom line: Trim oak trees during this season ONLY in cases of clearance issues over roofs or roads/alleys or if large dead limbs pose a threat to a structure.

🙋 What do we do if the tree doesn’t look good?

👉 If the leaves are pale yellow and smaller than normal, the tree may have a deficiency of iron and/or manganese (Chlorosis).

👉 A liquid micronutrient injection can restore your tree to health.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • For your trees to thrive, find a certified arborist you trust and follow a smart maintenance schedule.



🔦 Pro Spotlight

Tim Waswick can help you save money over the long term by doing the right things at the right time for your trees.

Bonus: Tim’s expertise in roofing informs his approach when trimming your trees to protect your roof as well. (I see way too much roof damage from careless tree trimming.)

Call/text Tim at 972-822-8317, email timwaswick@gmail.com or visit Aspen Tree Service.

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