🏡 For a comfortable & healthy home

Your house is a system that should provide comfort and health for you and the people you love.

Why it matters: Our ability to adapt to a variety of conditions — often harsh conditions — is a key to our survival.

  • BUT that strength can also make us numb to negative factors around us.

🥊 The bottom line: If the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in your home is NOT helping you thrive, you can change it.

  • Multiple factors contribute to these 6 components of IEQ:

👉 Indoor air quality (IAQ)

👉 Thermal comfort

👉 Light

👉 Sound

👉 Vibrations

👉 Odor

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Take some time this week to consider these 6 factors.
  • What needs to change about your home?



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