🍌 No more slippery stairs

A custom carpet runner can make your stairs safer for kids, people with mobility challenges and aging pets.

Why it matters: A quarter million people go the ER every year in the U.S. due to stair-related injuries.

🥊 Reality check: We often address issues like this AFTER something bad happens.

  • Prevention is almost always the least expensive approach. ☺️

⚙️ How it works: This is custom work and the right professional can make it easy and painless.

  • Floor Coverings International has the products and expertise to deliver the perfect solution.

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🔦 Pro Spotlight

Mike and Daphne are the flooring dream team. They will wow you with their attention to detail, creativity and flexible solutions. I’m still in shock they fit over 3000 samples in their mobile showroom! 🤯

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