The very blustery day

Is your roof ready for high winds?

National Weather Service confirmed three tornadoes struck Tarrant
County yesterday and caused significant damage.

A direct hit from a tornado is obviously devastating.

Only advice I have for that is to make a plan with your family
for the safest place to shelter.

Fortunately, a direct hit from a tornado is rare.

Much more common is damage from high winds.

That’s our focus today.

Did you know you can protect your home from high winds with the
right shingles and installation?

The good news is that most asphalt shingles – when installed
correctly – have a 110 mph wind rating.

If the winds are stronger than that, you have a lot more to worry
about than your shingles.

110 mph winds are rare. But wind gusts of 50, 60, 70 mph are much
more common.

And that’s where we see trouble.

Technical terms for a smart homeowner

Whether you have a hip roof (all sides are sloped) or a gable
roof (2 sides sloped), your roof will have a special shingle
covering the hips and ridges.

Anywhere 2 roof planes come together creates a ridge (if parallel
to the ground) or a hip (if at an angle to the ground).

Shingle manufacturers make shingles for this purpose.

They’re called … Hip and Ridge Shingles!

Stay with me 🙂

A common practice for roofers trying to save money is to use
something cheaper.

They take a 3 tab shingle (the cheapest shingle money can buy!)
and cut it into 3 pieces. Those pieces look like hip and ridge

But they are not!

The strip of sealant that causes it to seal to the shingle below
it is in the wrong place.

And even if it was in the right place … 3 tab shingles are only
rated for 60 mph winds.

See the problem?

Using the cheapest product for the most vulnerable spot on a roof
is … not smart.

For your Smart Homeowner list

Walk around your house and do a visual inspection from the

See any missing shingles? Call your trusted roofer.

Next time your roof is replaced, verify that your roofer is using
hip and ridge shingles.



P.S. If you haven’t had your annual roof inspection, reach out. I
can help.

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