Keeping your home safe over the holidays

My home was burglarized two days before Thanksgiving in 2006.
Just thinking back to that time makes me feel sick to my stomach.

What are the best ways to reduce our risks–especially during the
holiday season?

Let’s hear from Joe, home security expert:

Property crime in Ft. Worth affects 1 in 36 people and 1 in 44
people in Texas.

Here are a few free and not free ways to keep your home and
family safe over the holidays.

Free: Meet your neighbors! A 5 minute chat about your lawn is
worth the peace of mind knowing you have another helpful
neighborly eye on your home if you are away. Then share your name
and number via text.

Not free: Get a brand new alarm installed.

Free: If you have an old unmonitored system USE IT! It is paid
for and will alert you with a beep if a door is opened when it is
not supposed to be. It just won’t call anyone.

Not free: Buy $30 Wyze wifi cameras. They work well and are safe with 2 factor authentication.

For your Smart Homeowner list

Walk by your home on the sidewalk and if you were a burglar where
would you try to get in?

Plant a bush or place a chair or decoration in front of it.

Most burglars are opportunistic. The harder you make it to get
in, the less likely it will occur.



P.S. Want more free advice? Call Joe Slota at 469-458-7014. He
can help you be smart about keeping your home safe. Learn more at
Foresight Security.

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