Get too smart to worry

Traveling for the holidays is challenging enough.

More traffic. Busy airports. Weather delays.

Leaving home is a little less stressful with apps on our phones
to monitor our alarm systems and cameras.

But you can take that to the next level!

Did you know you can monitor temperature, humidity, and leaks?

Helpful Gadget: YoLink Smart Home Products

I discovered YoLink products about 6 months ago after trying a
couple others.

I am not super techy. And these products are super easy to set

I have leak detectors behind the washing machine, under the
master sink, and in my crawl space under areas with lots of

I have temperature and humidity sensors in my attic spaces, crawl
space, garage, chest freezer (yes, they work inside a freezer!)
and in my greenhouse.

After the holidays I’m going to set up some simple automations
for the greenhouse and crawl space. I’ll let you know how that

Areas to consider adding leak detection

Water heaters, bath and laundry room, any area with older

Areas to consider adding temperature/humidity monitoring

Crawl spaces, attics, outdoor shed/storage, garage, refrigerators
and freezers, wine cellar, humidor, outdoor dog house, reptile

For your Smart Homeowner list

Do a risk assessment of critical areas in your home

Make a list of areas you want to monitor

Start building your smart home for less than $100!



P.S. Find your YoLink products here:

YoLink Smart Home Starter Kit: Hub and 4 leak detectors

YoLink Smart Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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