Reindeer on your roof or raccoon in your attic?

After a long day today, you finally get in bed and hear

What’s that scratching sound or pitter patter above you?

Santa? Is that you?!

You like being inside your warm home during the cold temps. So do
the critters!

Let’s hear from pest control expert Michael Bosco:

A nice warm home is a special place to be this holiday season.

Unfortunately rats, mice, raccoons, and possums find our attics
and crawlspaces very inviting.

Here is a simple checklist to ensure only invited guest make it
inside your home.

  1. Close off crawlspace vents. This helps with critters as well as
    holds the heat in, so your pipes are less likely to freeze.
  2. Check your chimney cap is in good working order.
  3. Gable vents need screens behind the louvers. When you are in
    your attic getting decorations down make sure there are no holes.
  4. Roof returns leave no more than .25” of a gap. Roof returns are
    the number one location for rat and mice entry points on homes
    and can be found where the soffit touches the roof under eaves.

For your Smart Homeowner list

Take advantage of a free rodent inspection to confirm your home
is only open to invited guest this holiday season.

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