Not my house, ya filthy animals!!!

Did you know we can accidentally ADVERTISE to burglars all our
new and expensive stuff we got for Christmas?

Burglars don’t take vacations, so let’s get some advice from our
security expert, Joe:

Over 12 years I have personally had over 50,000 conversations
with homeowners about home security strategies.

From physical trip wires linked to nets to capture the intruder

… to physical burglar bars

…to 24/7 monitored surveillance systems with audio deterrence

attached to a simultaneous smoke bomb/strobe light combo to
immobilize an intruder.

[Editor’s note: We suspect Joe has seen Home Alone over 50,000
times too!]

However, my most common and easy to follow piece of advice is

Look broke!

Burglars want to get in and out fast with something they can pawn
for $100-$1,000.

This rule of looking broke is most commonly broken about 10am on
December 25th.

The beautiful 89 inch 4K OLED tv comes in a huge box.

You need to break the box down & fold it so the blank cardboard

Here’s a fun Video PSA from the Southlake Police Department: Box,
box, box, box, box, box

For your Smart Homeowner list

Take 30 seconds to organize your Christmas gift packaging

So a desperate thief doesn’t see low hanging fruit and traumatize
you and your family.



P.S. Never worry about the “Sticky Bandits” again! Ask your
security pro or our friend Joe for more ways to increase your
odds of a safe and happy holiday season!

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