How my outdoor plants survived the long, cold night

What’s your strategy for protecting your outdoor plants from the

In 2020, we bought this greenhouse on Amazon for our large potted plants.

For a couple months, it was amazing! The plants thrived—even with
freezing temps outside.

But then Snowmaggedon—and single digit temps—took out half of the

This time would be different!

My formula: 2 space heaters + temperature/humidity sensor + smart
plug + extra tarp =


Adding the extra heater was essential, but it also can get too

Monitoring the temp in real time let’s me make decisions. Like …

  • When to turn heater 1 and 2 on or off
  • When to put the extra tarp over the greenhouse—and when to take
    it off

Using a smart plug let’s me use automation.

After experimenting, I learned heater 1 needs to stay on and
heater 2 needs to cycle.

Here are my two simple automations:

  • Greenhouse gets to 70 degrees – heater 2 goes off
  • Greenhouse drops to 65 degrees – heater 2 comes back on

It got to 10 degrees outside last night. Greenhouse never dropped
below 62!

For your Smart Homeowner list

What’s something you can monitor that would bring you peace of

Attic, crawl space, garage, fridge or freezer?

Take a step towards a smarter home with this hub and 2 sensor
starter kit



P.S. Grabbed a beer out of my back patio fridge last night and
noticed it was really cold. Moved a temperature sensor in there
and have been watching the temp fall. About to move the mini
fridge inside to save my beer! 🙂

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