Ready for the hard freeze?

In a few hours, we’re going to see temps fall 20 degrees—from low
40’s to low 20’s … and then into the low teens by tonight.

28 degrees is a hard freeze for plants. If you want save your
annuals or veggies, cover them with sheets.

20 degrees is cold enough to freeze the water in our pipes.

Some reminders from Alison at Servpro

  • Cabinet doors open
  • Slow trickle of water through faucets — especially if supply
    lines go through uninsulated portions of the house
  • If outdoor faucets have a shut-off valve, turn it to off and
    open the outdoor faucet to drain it. If no shut-off valve, then
    cover faucets with anything you have to insulate them.

For your Smart Homeowner list

Be attentive to your pipes — especially when temps are

If a pipe freezes, you can shut off your water and try to thaw it with a
hair dryer — open the faucet when doing this.

If a pipe bursts — act fast!

  • Shut off main water supply. (I wrote about that here)
  • Call SERVPRO and get help! 214-522-3000



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