♻️💊 Purpose for old pill bottles

There’s a better option than the recycle bin for your empty pill bottles. Why it matters: Your donated pill bottles can be repurposed for people who don’t have access to these convenient containers. ⚙️ How it works: Check out the process for preparing your bottles to donate. ✅ For your Smart Homeowner list Best, Travis

👗 👔 From your closet to a grateful teenager

Dallas Public Library’s Fairy Tale Closet is receiving your donations for the 10th year. Why it matters: Your gently used formal wear will look better on a smiling teen than in the back of your closet. 📝 What’s needed: 👉 Special request for plus-size menswear and woman’s formalwear 🖼️ The big picture: This event enhances a teen’s prom …

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