😱 I made my mother pay it!

I re-roofed my parents’ house in 2019.

  • And yes, they paid their deductible.

Why it matters: I still get the question every storm season.

  • “Do I have to pay deductible?”

Reality check: Actually, you WANT TO pay it. (insert Jedi mind trick meme here 🤓)

⚙️ How it works:

Replacement cost =

Your deductible +

Insurance proceeds.

  • A contractor who waives your deductible

👎 Is cutting corners on your roof

👎 Is running a shady ****business

👎 Is committing a crime

👎 Is causing you to commit insurance fraud

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Lower premiums —> higher deductibles
  • There’s no “right” way —> either pay more now or pay more later.
  • Choose the strategy that makes the most sense for you. 😁



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