🎁 Cleaning out the dryer vent … for Mother’s Day!

My wife smelled an awful sulfur-like smell recently when a load of clothes was in the dryer.

Why it matters: An overheating dryer is no joke — it can lead to an electrical fire!

  • On top of increased drying times and less effective drying.

🥊 The bottom line: Clean your lint trap after every load AND clean your dryer duct work as often as needed.

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⚙️ How it works: The shorter the distance between your dryer’s exhaust vent and the outside, the better.

  • If the linear footage of the duct work is greater than 50 feet, you might need a dryer booster fan like this one.

🥊 Reality check: Every bend in your duct work adds a distance “penalty” to your calculation.

  • 50 feet for a 90 degree and 25 feet for a 45 degree turn —> which means my 20 foot run is more like 150 feet!

😬 Guess who needs a booster fan! 🙋‍♂️

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day” like giving the dryer exhaust vent a thorough cleanout! 😉
  • Here’s a great kit from Home Depot.
  • Or this version you can attach to a drill.



P.S. If you have a roof top vent, make sure it’s not trapping lint — I see that mistake frequently. Sometimes the installer failed to remove a wire screen that can be used when the same vent is used for bath fans.

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