🗑️ Brush and bulky trash

Sanitation services make it easy for residents to get rid of different kinds of waste.

Why it matters: Following your city’s guidelines is one way to be a good neighbor.

  • Not following the guidelines leads to delays for everyone setting out trash and can lead to fees assessed on your next water bill.

What you need to know: Your city’s website will list specific instructions.

👉 Tree limbs/shrubs should be 10’ long or shorter with branches 8” in diameter or smaller

👉 Leaves, grass & small organic material should be bagged (I love these for a compostable option)

👉 Acceptable bulky items include furniture, mattresses, appliances & household items too large for normal roll cart

🛑 Know what’s not accepted.

✋ Household garbage —> if it fits in your roll cart, that’s where it goes.

✋ Recyclables —> Break down large boxes and put in the recycle roll cart.

✋ Construction debris

✋ Auto parts & tires

✋ Electronics & household hazardous waste —> special instructions here.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Planning your brush & bulky disposal is good for everyone
  • Lower costs for the city mean better services for you
  • When we follow the guidelines, brush & bulky gets picked up sooner.



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