Use lighting to energize your day 🌞

Smart lighting can mimic a sunrise to help you start your morning.

🖼️ The Big Picture: Our 24-hour internal body clocks respond to light. Both intensity (brightness) and temperature (warm to cool) impact the way we feel and function throughout the day.

  • Warm light is best at the start and end of the day. That’s the orange color of sunrise and sunset.
  • Cool light is best during the day. That’s the blue light of a bright day.

What’s next: Two options to light your morning.

Option 1 — Low tech

  • Buy warm light bulbs like this or this for lamps or fixtures in the room(s) where you start your day.
  • Spend 30-60 minutes in the warm light.
  • Move to cooler/brighter light — like in your kitchen or outside if it’s light enough.

Option 2 — Smart tech

  • Invest in premium smart lighting from Phillips Hue with a white and color starter kit or a white ambiance starter kit — both can mimic a sunrise.
  • Use the Phillips Hue app or Alexa, Apple or Google to either start the routine on command or set the routine to your schedule.

For your Smart Homeowner list:

✅ Design your mornings with the right light to get you going.



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