👷 Your smart thermostat has a job

By learning your behavior, smart thermostats heat and cool for comfort and savings.

💡 Why it matters: Half our energy costs come from cooling and heating our homes.

  • Electricity and natural gas prices are going up. 📈

How it works: A learning thermostat does more than older digital or wifi models.

  • Creates the ideal schedule so your system only runs when needed.
  • Adjusts fan run times to deal with humidity.
  • Sends you an alert to change the filter—which saves you money.

✋ Already have one? Make sure you have the right mode enabled.

For your Smart Homeowner list:

✅ Take the headache out of adjusting your thermostat and let a smart device go to work for you.

🙌 3 great options —>

Amazon Smart Thermostat

ecobee Smart Theromostat Enhanced

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

🤔 3 things to think about —>

Installation — These are all DIY friendly. If you need installation, Google has a for hire option.

Sensors — If you have an important room (bedroom, nursery) that doesn’t heat or cool like the room with the thermostat, Google and ecobee sell sensors to help with this.

Smart Assistant — Amazon’s costs less but only works with Alexa. Google and ecobee work with Alexa, Apple and Google.



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