To paint or not to paint?

Home maintenance is ongoing and one critical area is your
exterior paint.

It’s true.

Why it matters: Painting is first about maintenance, not appearance.

A quick story.

I was helping a neighbor with some roof repairs.

He asked if a roof leak was causing what looked like mildew on
his siding.

I asked him the last time his house was painted.

10+ years.

That’s it then. His paint was tired.

🥊 Exterior paint is the moisture barrier for your siding.

  • It eventually wears out and stops wicking away moisture.

Let’s hear some tips from painting pro, Andrey

  • Painting exterior of your house every 5-10 years will help you save a lot of money on wood replacement and repair.
  • The longer you wait on the preventative maintenance, the more expensive it becomes to remediate.
  • Joints left unsealed will eventually lead to moisture accumulation and result in wood rot and damage.
  • Good exterior painting projects starts with the prep.
  • Power washing is a must to make sure the surface is clean for sound paint adhesion.
  • Caulking every joint of the soffit, fascia and siding is a must to seal from water penetration.
  • Applying 2 coats of paint is the best practice to ensure protection for years to come.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Do a visual inspection of all of your painted exterior surfaces.
  • If you see mildew or if your paint has lost it’s luster, it might be time to paint.
  • If it’s been more than 5 years, have your favorite painter take a look and either give you a thumbs up or an estimate.



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