Getting rid of stuff

Let’s get organized for the new year

Part 2

Which kind are you?

Passionate purger or hopeful hoarder?

I’ve been fighting my “I bet I’ll need this someday” urges for a
long time.

I think I’m finally getting better! 🙂

My favorite junk lugger, Andrew, gave us a strategy in Part 1.

Now, for some recycling tips:

What can be recycled or needs proper attention?

Metal, cardboard, plastics

Each city has its own rules and regulations.

In Dallas, the general rules can be found here.

It’s pretty easy to do the minimum. You can put any of the
following into your blue “Ben” for weekly collection:

  • Small pieces of clean metal (no mud, food, or plastic attached
    to the metal)
  • Flattened corrugated cardboard
  • Clean plastics #1-7

Type the name of the item into this handy tool to find out what to do with it.


“Only about 15% of used clothes and other textiles in the United
States get reused or recycled. The other 85% head straight to the
landfill or incinerator.”

If the clothing is in good condition, donate it.

Great charitable organizations that can use your stuff:

St. Vincent de Paul

​Jewish Family Services

​Network of Community Ministries

Metrocrest Resale

Soles 4 Souls

Household Hazardous Waste

This includes batteries, automotive fluids, and florescent light

Check here for the full list of HHW.

Dallas County residents can dispose of these for FREE at the
Collection Center on Plano Rd.

We’ll cover electronics — E-waste — in a future email.

For your Smart Homeowner list

A little bit of effort on each of our parts will have a HUGE
impact on our community and the environment.

To do your part, put the right items in the right places.



P.S. Have LOTS of stuff to get rid of? Let Andrew and his team at
The Junkluggers of Greater Dallas take care of it.

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