Need a good old fashioned clean out?

Let’s get organized for the new year

Part 1

Some simple advice from professional “junk lugger,” Andrew

The Holidays are over!

The family loves their gifts, everyone had a wonderful time and
Uncle Morty didn’t have 1 too many FireNog’s this year.

And now the house is … packed full of JUNK.

What’s next?

Time for some sorting using the Rule of 3.

Create 3 piles:

Keep — Stuff you need or want

Remove — Stuff you don’t need, is broken, have outgrown

Revisit — Can’t decide right now? That’s ok. Make a 3rd pile for

Now that everything is sorted:

Put the Keep pile away

Sort the Remove pile into 3 piles

  • Donate – To your favorite non-profit or a friend or neighbor
  • Recycle – Specifics coming in Part 2
  • Trash – Can’t donate or recycle? Into the trash!

Time to revisit pile 3.

Create the same 3 piles: Keep, Remove, Revisit.

Go back to it from time to time to your revisit pile to keep it

For your Smart Homeowner list

Create some momentum for the new year with a big clean out!



P.S. Want someone else to haul away your stuff? Andrew’s team at
The Junkluggers of Greater Dallas can help.

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