How’s your fence doing?

With some nicer days in the forecast, take a good look at your
fence, deck or other wooden structures.

Time for care and maintenance?

Let’s hear from Andrey for some pro tips:

Staining exterior wood is one of the best practices to preserve
its look and extend its service life.

Left unprotected from the weather, wood will crack, soften and
eventually rot.

For the best protection, re-stain every 3 to 5 years—depending on
the type of wood and stain you use.

You can use transparent, semi-transparent, semi-solid or solid

The main difference is the amount of pigment added to the stain.

The more solid the stain, the more pigment it contains. This
means better protection from ultraviolet exposure.

Keeping your wood in good shape will save you a lot of money on
potential repairs and replacements.

For your Smart Homeowner list

Take a good look at your outdoor wood items — fence, deck, etc.

When was it last stained?

If it’s faded or has water stains from sprinklers, it’s time to
DIY or hire a pro.



P.S. Andrey and his team at 360 Painting can help you with stain
selection and professional stain application. Call 469-733-5481
or click here to schedule a free painting consultation.

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