💦 Shut it off!

If a pipe busts in your house, you should be able to shut your water off in less than 30 seconds.

Why it matters: We know how destructive water can be and the less water you have to deal with the better.

  • When water soaks into certain building materials — like insulation or carpet pad — it may not dry on its own.
  • Remember — If it can’t dry, it’s gonna die!

📝 What to do next: Locate your shut off valve and make sure you and everyone in your household know how to access it.

  • Don’t rely on the valve at the water meter.
  • You need a conveniently located quarter turn valve, so you can turn the water off quickly.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Need a shut off valve installed? Reach out to my friend Mai at NTX Plumbing 972-836-9740 or mai@ntxplumbing.com.



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