💡 Let there be lights! Part 1

Today I’m starting a short series on outdoor lighting.

  • The outdoor decorating season has begun … whether you find that exciting or annoying. 😁

Why it matters: Outdoor lighting is about more than decoration and beauty.

  • Outdoor lights increase your home’s safety and security.

🖼️ The big picture: With so many low voltage and low wattage options, the cost to run your lights is almost a non-issue.

Let’s look at the main factors you should consider.

👉 Upfront cost

  • Before you get too excited about the options we’ll look at over the next few days, think about your budget.
  • You can have a really nice setup for less than $500.
  • Or you can spend several thousand (or more) on a premium setup.

👉 Control

  • Is it enough for you to have basic programming that is triggered by sunrise/sunset or a timer?
  • Or do you want smart control with endless scenarios you can trigger from your phone or voice assistant or through automation?

👉 White vs. color ambiance

  • White lights can check all the important boxes for you — safety, security and beauty.
  • We’ll get into the different types of whites another day.
  • Color ambiance lights can do everything the white lights can do and can seamlessly flow with your holiday decor.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Send me your questions about outdoor lighting, so I can make sure and cover that for you.



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