☎️ Tales from the helpline: Solar nightmare

Jim and I talked for almost an hour as I was helping him understand what went wrong.

  • For $165/month, Jim’s solar is producing $23.40 worth of electricity. 👀

Why it maters: People having issues with their solar don’t know where to turn.

💣 Reality check: Unregulated salespeople can use smoke and mirrors and deceptive numbers to manipulate well meaning, trusting people.

  • Jim is a manager at a bank, living with his wife in their first home and trying to manage his budget well.

Instead, he’s now overpaying for a solar system he never should have installed.

⚙️ How it works: Most people use long term financing to make solar more affordable.

Here’s a simple way to check the value.

👉 Take the monthly payment for the solar (in his case, it’s $165).

👉 Divide that by what you currently pay for electricity (let’s use 12 cents)

👉 The number you get is your break even number for kWh ($165/.12 = 1,375)

🥊 The bottom line: For Jim to break even, he needs his solar to produce 1,375 kWh per month.

  • It’s currently producing 195 kWh.

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  • Know anyone who can’t figure out what’s going on with their solar? Give them my number – 214.893.5959



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