🪣 There’s a hole in my bucket

Let’s talk about our electricity bills using a water analogy.

  • Everyone with a swimming pool is experiencing this right now!

During the hottest months, you have to add water to your pool—maybe every day.

🥊 Reality check: You need to know if you have a LEAK or if you’re just losing water by evaporation.

  • If you have a leak, you fix it.
  • If it’s just evaporation, you keep adding water and pray for cooler weather.

🔎 Between the lines: We should think about high electricity bills the same way.

  • Instead, we usually do one of three things:

👉 Try to use less by turning up the thermostat or turning off lights or unplugging vampires.

🧛 Vampires are loads that drain electricity all the time like televisions or small appliances.

👉 Try to find a cheaper rate.

👉 Install solar so we’re generating our own electricity at a better price.

All three of those can be good options.

📣 The best place to start is by finding and plugging the holes in your house.

  • Yes, your house has more holes in it than you realize.

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