🪄 Francisco does magic

When I asked Francisco how he repaired the leather seat in my wife’s car, here’s how he explained it:

  • I use this material, heat it with this, use this aluminum block … and add “a little magic.” 😉

Why it matters: If you have leather seats that are damaged or cracking, a repair can make them like-new!

  • And prevent them from getting worse.

⛏️ Dig deeper: Francisco taught me a few important things about the “leather” seats.

  • Starting with the fact that the whole seat isn’t leather —> only the center of the seat is leather.
  • The side bolster is vinyl.
  • The foam under the vinyl is breaking down from the wear and tear of getting in and out of the driver’s seat.
  • The break down of the foam makes the vinyl more susceptible to cracking! 🤦

🥊 Reality check: Francisco also broke it to us that the “Napa leather” that’s included in Subaru’s Touring package isn’t really Napa leather.

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