🔆 Can rooftop solar save the grid?

Short answer: No.

Why it matters: Residential rooftop solar is an incomplete solution to the grid problem.

  • Without battery storage, solar doesn’t help the grid when it’s needed most.

⚙️ How it works: Two recent conservation warnings from ERCOT asked people to conserve energy if possible.

  • The first was from 7-10pm.
  • The second was from 3-10pm.

🔎 Between the lines: Overall usage/demand is HIGHEST when solar production is LOWEST.

  • By 5pm rooftop solar has produced 80% of its daily output.
  • After 7pm the production is insignificant.

🥊 The bottom line: The only way to stabilize the grid with solar is for homes to have enough storage capacity to be able to go off grid during the high demand times.

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