📍 Tracking your things

It’s never been easier to keep up with your keys, your luggage … really anything!

Why it matters: For $25-50 you can pair a reliable tracking device with important items.

🥊 Reality check: This incredible story about a mom who used an Apple AirTag to overcome the airline’s incompetence is the wake up call I needed to purchase my first AirTags … about 5 minutes ago! 😀

🛄 While at the Denver airport, Sandra Schuster knew the exact location of her daughter’s lost bag — which was still in Chicago.

  • The story contains one mistake after another and ends with Schuster taking it upon herself to fly back to Chicago to retrieve the bag.

⚙️ How it works: The trackers use Bluetooth to connect to other devices with Bluetooth using an anonymous and encrypted signal.

  • For example, Apple AirTag’s use the same Find My network that allows you to locate your misplaced phone.
  • The trackers also have built in speakers you can trigger to help you find your item.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Choose the right tracker for your needs and secure those items you tend to lose (like keys) or that are out of your control (like luggage).

👉 An Apple AirTag 4 pack is a great start for folks with iPhones.

  • AirTags need to be within 200 feet of a signal and have a replaceable battery.

👉 Samsung Galaxy SmartTags do the same thing for Samsung users.

  • They can also be used to set up home automations with items in the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem.

👉 Tile Pro has double the range of Samsung and Apple, is water resistant and works with any smartphone.

  • It’s a little larger than the others — but also has a larger speaker to help you find it.



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