🪚🌳 It’s safe to schedule your tree trimming

August 1 through the end of February is the best time to do major pruning on most trees.

Why it matters: Trimming trees at the right time is key for their health and longevity.

👂Let’s hear from my friend and certified arborist Tim Waswick:

  • Oak trees are no longer sappy and can be safely trimmed without the risk of Oak Wilt.
  • Heavier pruning to reduce weight or increase light onto a yard is recommended for August or September when it’s easier to spot dead wood.

💊 Signs of stress—insect damage, peeling bark, pale-yellow leaves—can be effectively treated now.

  • Most of the fungicide treatments are not easily applied AFTER October.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Aspen Tree Service is offering free estimates right now for work to be done in August or later. Call/text Tim 972-822-8317.




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