🧮 From SEER to SEER2

Effective January 1, 2023, the SEER rating standard for an air conditioner’s efficiency is being replaced by SEER2.

Why it matters: The new system results in a more accurate but slightly lower number.

👂 Let’s hear from comfort specialist Daniel Fisher for more —>

Think “honest gas milage”

👉 You know how the sticker on your car says you should get 40 mpg but you are really getting 27?

  • And you wonder how they come up with that number?

🥊 Reality check: It was the same with air conditioners.

  • Now, they have to give you an honest rating of its efficiency.

⛏️ Dig deeper

  • SEER start in 1992 and has had changing standards throughout its lifespan
  • SEER2 was released as a more accurate display of average energy usage
  • SEER was created in lab settings
  • SEER2 was created in real-world scenarios

🙌 Most SEER2 systems now qualify for ONCOR incentives of up to $3200 per system!

  • Less than half of SEER rated systems qualified

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