🧧 Ready your envelope – Part 1

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Let’s dive into understanding your building envelope.

Why it matters: Your home is a system consisting of 2 primary components.

  • The building envelope + the mechanical systems (HVAC)

🥊 The bottom line: The tighter your building envelope, the more control you have over the conditions inside.

⛏️ Dig deeper: Over the next few emails, we will explore the following:

  • Overview of air sealing and insulation
  • How to evaluate the tightness of your home
  • How to improve the tightness of your home
  • What to do after tightening your home
  • When to add more insulation
  • When more insulation can create a problem

🖼️ The big picture: Improving your building envelope with air sealing and insulation helps you maintain the temperature conditions in your home LONGER.

  • Creating a more comfortable and resilient home

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