🦹 Home performance super powers

Using home performance testing methods and equipment gives a contractor super powers.

Why it matters: Seeing through walls and seeing things the human eye can’t see helps us fight off the bad guys.

🥊 Reality check: Air, heat and water are stealth intruders attacking your building materials and dominating the air inside your house.

  • We can defeat them if know how they’re getting in.
  • We can know through the power of technology.

👉 A blower door and a dual channel manometer

👉 A thermal camera plus wind indicator and moisture meter

👉 A pressure pan and single channel manometer

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • If you think your home needs some super power investigation … let me know. 😀



P.S. I’m not saying I’m Batman. I’m just saying no one has ever seen Batman and me in the same room together. 😉

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