🦙 Wasting money on more insulation

We know insulation in our building envelope resists heat flow, so adding more should be better, right?

🥊 Reality check: Adding insulation is really step number 3.

  • You’re wasting money if you don’t do steps 1 and 2 first.

⚡ Flashback: Step 1 is to air seal, which I wrote about here.

  • Air seal —> then insulate —> then address HVAC

🤷‍♂️ So if adding insulation is step 3, what’s step 2?

  • Deal with any areas with NO insulation.

👉 If you have attic access inside your living space —> that is your weakest link.

👉 If you have any voids in the insulation, address that next.

  • Sometimes a contractor will move batt insulation to access a wire or pipe and forget to put it back.
  • If you have storage in your attic, the plywood sitting on the ceiling joists needs insulation underneath it.

NOTE: You only need to focus on attic area above your living space — areas above the garage aren’t a concern.

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