🦈 You’re gonna need a bigger tank

🧠 Today, a thought experiment.

I drive a 2020 Tacoma truck that should get 20 mpg.

😨 One day I realize …

  • I’m only getting 10 mpg!

👨‍🔧 Guy at the auto shop says,

  • You need our “tank extender” —> fits in the bed of your truck and doubles the size of your gas tank.

Now you can go twice as far!

🙋‍♂️ But I don’t need a bigger gas tank.

  • I need to fix my truck.

Ok … what’s the point of this parable?

We expect our cars to perform as designed.

  • We should expect even more from our homes.

🥊 The bottom line: In over two years of selling solar, I’ve learned that we don’t know what to expect from our homes.

  • That’s why I start the conversation about solar by looking at your home’s performance.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Whether or not solar works for your home, your home’s performance can improve.
  • And I can help.



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