🥵 It’s getting hot in here, so take off …

As temperatures rise, staying comfortable in our homes is more challenging.

Why it matters: Comfort is important for productive days and restful nights.

  • The number of design flaws in our homes and mechanical systems affect the level of difficulty for staying comfortable.

⚙️ How it works: 6 factors affect comfort:

Metabolic rate —> Varies among individuals and with activity level.

  • If your sleep is being negatively impacted, a conversation with your doctor could help.

Clothing —> Acts as insulation.

  • So if it’s gettin’ hot in here … you might have options. 😉

Air temperature —> It’s only one of four environmental factors.

📢 Big takeaway: Your comfort is about more than the setting on your thermostat.

Radiant temperature —> Stuff holds heat.

  • The main contributor to discomfort in your home is probably the windows—specifically the glass.
  • Interior shading (blinds and drapes) is ok.
  • Exterior shading from an awning or a tree is better at blocking heat.

Air speed —> Air moving across our skin speeds cooling.

  • Using a fan at night could be the key to better sleep.

Humidity —> A room at 73 degrees and 45% relative humidity is comfortable for most people. A room at 73 degrees and 80% is not.

  • Controlling indoor humidity is a much bigger topic, but start to be aware of it in your home.

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