🥩 Manning the grill this Father’s Day

With a big assist from my Traeger grill, our Father’s Day celebration — with 6 dads this year — was a smokin’ success! 🥩

Why it matters: A delicious meal opens the door for sweet connection with your loved ones.

⚙️ How it works: Traeger combines the ability to smoke or BBQ, monitor your cook from an app, and evenly cook using convection with a true wood fired taste.

  • Set up a cook using the Traeger app.
  • Or manually cook by setting the cook temp and using the connected temperature meat probe.

🥊 The bottom line: Once you find your favorite method, you can produce results that thrill your family and guests.

  • Every. Single. Time.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list



P.S. I know that Father’s Day can be a tough day for many folks. As I wrap up my day, I’m raising my glass — with my Tequila Old Fashioned — to you. 🥃

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