🚨 The best alarm system

“The best alarm system is one that works.”

— Joe Slota, Foresight Security

Why it matters: 53% of homes with an alarm system have a broken or missing component.

  • I just made up that number … but raise your hand if your first thought was, “At least I’m in the majority.” 🙋 😂

🥊 Reality check: Joe and I had a great conversation about security and alarms, and here are some of the nuggets:

👉 Alarm companies outsource their monitoring — and not all monitoring is created equal.

  • Some of the biggest alarm providers use monitoring that allows people to work from home —> so the person checking on your distress signal could also be dealing with a crying baby or a barking dog.
  • Foresight Security uses monitoring from dedicated and secure call centers with redundant backups for electrical power and internet connectivity.

👉 A new backup battery for an alarm will last 1-3 days in a power outage.

  • Those batteries need to be replaced every few years.
  • If set up correctly, you could leave your home for a hotel during an extended power outage and receive text updates when the battery starts running low.

👉 Joe and I agree on the best security system out there —> and it’s free.

  • Nothing beats getting to know your neighbors well enough to where you look out for each other, share travel plans and exchange emergency contact info.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Joe doesn’t care if you’re under contract with one of the big companies or you’re a determined DIYer (like me!).
  • Joe will come to your house, listen to your concerns and help you come up with the best plan to protect your home. Call/Text Joe at 469-458-7014.



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