😎 Going off grid during peak hours

My wife asked me this morning about the timing for doing laundry.

  • She saw a notice from our electric provider about possible grid issues during this heat advisory.

Why it matters: We will see the grid pushed to it’s capacity more than once this summer.

⚙️ How it works: Since I have solar and a battery, I have options.

  • On a sunny day, my solar is producing more electricity than I use.
  • So I’m sending electricity back to the grid.
  • We can use what we need — even if we’re doing laundry — and still send electricity to the grid.

✋ But wait, there’s more!

  • I ran a test at 4:00pm and switched my system to “off grid mode.”
  • Not even a light bulb flickered!
  • If you had been inside my house at that moment, you would have no idea we were running INDEPENDENT of the electric grid.

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