💪 The make-ready team

Lohner, Siegel, Shelokovskiy, Williams & Reyes!

  • No, this is not a big law firm —> these folks can get your house ready when it’s time to sell.

Why it matters: You can reduce stress and increase profitability by trusting the pros.

⚙️ How it works: Here’s a process you can follow with links below.

👉 First — Use portable storage for as much of your stuff as you can to make your home feel open and spacious.

👉 Second — Donate, recycle and haul off what you can.

👉 Third — Hire a professional painter who knows how to get the house show ready on your budget.

👉 Fourth — Hire a flooring company who can replace carpet at the right price point and touch up or refinish floors.

👉 Fifth — Bring in a professional to get everything spic and span.



⛓️ Links

Store and Move with Mike Lohner at IMS Relocation Services

Lug it out responsibly with Andrew Siegel of The Junk Luggers

Paint it right with Andrey Shelokovskiy of 360 Painting

Shop the mobile way with Mike Williams of Floor Coverings International

Clean it up with Saida Reyes

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