💨🚪Measure the envelope

You can tighten your building envelope by air sealing your house.

  • That’s the first step toward controlling temperature, humidity and air quality.

🔎 Between the lines: Measuring the leakiness of your house gives you the knowledge you need to make changes.

👉 You can know how leaky your house is compared to current new construction standards.

👉 You can see exactly where your house is leaking.

👉 You can verify the effectiveness of air sealing by measuring after sealing is done.

⚙️ How it works: We use a special fan and computer to depressurize the house.

  • And measure how much air the fan has to move to maintain that pressure.

🥁 Introducing: The Blower Door

  • A blower door score is expressed in ACH50 —> new construction homes should have a score of 3 ACH50 or less.
  • ACH50 = Air Changes per Hour at 50 pascals.
  • In other words – with that pressure difference between inside and outside your house, the air inside the house would be replaced 3 times if your blower door score is 3.

🧠 Think about it like this

  • If you added up all the little leaks in your house
  • You could compare it to a single hole in the side of your house

😬 My leaky old house has a hole in it the size of soccer ball!

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

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