💧 Water lessons with Will

Will from Dallas Water Utilities came to my house yesterday for an irrigation evaluation.

Why it matters: In the hour I spent with Will, I learned a lot about the best way to water my lawn and landscaping.

  • To conserve water, save money and protect my investment in my yard.

📝 Two main ideas from my notes:

✍️ Rotary heads are better than fixed spray heads for the lawn.

  • Fixed put out 3 gallons/minute
  • Rotary are 1 gallon/minute
  • A breeze can affect the watering zone of a fixed head
  • Lower application rate for rotary means more water goes into the soil

✍️ Watering in the morning is best.

  • Cooler morning temps allow more water into the ground
  • Any excess water can evaporate
  • Excess water from an evening watering invites disease on your lawn and plants

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Reach out to your water provider to see if they do a free eval.
  • Click here for City of Dallas.
  • Consider changing out one or two zones at a time with rotary heads.



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