💚 St. Augustine needs some love

If you have St. Augustine grass, this is a good time to review some of the keys to helping it thrive.

Why it matters: The intense heat and lack of rain can severely stress your turf.

🔬 Zoom in: Let’s look at 3 important areas for care.

👉 Blade height —> Let it grow longer for more protection from the heat —> 2.5 – 4 inches

  • Most lawn care services cut it too short. If you use a service, talk to them about raising the mower height.

👉 Fertilizer —> Giving your lawn the nutrients it needs will make it stronger during extreme heat.

👉 Watering —> Water in the morning and increase the run time for each station if needed.

  • Most cities limit automatic watering to twice a week, but you can water challenged areas more frequently by hand.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • One of the best sources of information for caring for your lawn is a local nursery. Take pictures of your lawn and get advice from one their professionals.
  • I love going to Bruce Miller Nursery to buy Texas Tee fertilizer and get additional tips.



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