👨‍🔧 Is that repair priced fair?

I’m happy to pay a fair market price for home repairs, but what’s reasonable?

Why it matters: No one wants to overpay for services.

  • But underpaying results in poor quality work with no warranty.

🔦 Pro Spotlight: HOMR’s home concierge service solved this for me.

  • 👇 Skip ahead for a link to a free month.

📖 Story time: HOMR helped me find a plumber for a small job.

  • One of their partners came out to assess my leak issue and give me a free quote.

😬 The quote was higher than I had hoped to pay.

  • HOMR said the quote was within market range but asked me, “Do you want additional quotes?”

🥊 Reality check: HOMR verified the price I was quoted was fair.

  • I got this text: “We’ve reached out to three plumbing partners … all three are quoting higher than Aubrey Plumbing.”
  • Followed by: “We’re happy to continue reaching out to our partners but wanted to check in on your budget for this project to help meet your goals.”

Thanks HOMR for your excellent service!

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